Ladies and gentlemen,
friends colleagues,
Langerhans researchers all over the world,

Final Program

Langerhans cell research has "boomed" in the past few years. It has become an important part of research into dendritic cells in general. This was mainly due to the development of exiting new experimental models. They reinvigorated interest in Langerhans cells with regard to both fundamental and clinical immunology. The relationship of Langerhans cells with the other members of the dendritic cell family is becoming more and more clear. Langerhans cells have also become attractive as targets for immunotherapies of inflammatory and infectious skin diseases and cancers. The past three Langerhans Cell Workshops in Madeira in 2005 and 2009 and in Berne in 2007 have impressively documented this development.

This year we decided to bring the Langerhans Cell Workshop to the “Heart of the Alps”, to the Tyrol in Austria. Again, we wish to make this Workshop an event that allows ample interactions between advanced and young researchers but also between researchers and industry. Important collaborations were sparked off at the previous workshops and useful networks were established. We shall do our best to ensure that LC2011 will again be a very communicative and fruitful scientific meeting.

We cannot offer historical ties of Paul Langerhans with Austria, as it was the case in Madeira. Yet, Austria offers much in terms of culture and tourism – and we have been strong in Langerhans cell research starting some 110 years after Paul Langerhans. Langerhans Cell Workshops have always given fresh impetus to the immunological field of dendritic cells. We would very much like to see the field keep up this momentum and gather even more. Therefore, we cordially invite you to actively participate in the 12th International Workshop on Langerhans Cells in Innsbruck, Austria that will take place from Thursday (evening), November 3rd to Sunday (early afternoon), November 6th, 2011. We also invite industry to take part and interact, and we thank all sponsors for their support without which this Workshop would not be possible.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Austria!

We dedicate this Workshop to our late mentor and friend and winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize for Medicine,
Ralph M. Steinman.

He always promoted and stimulated the Langerhans Cell Workshops.

Niki Romani, Patrizia Stoitzner, Adelheid Elbe-Bürger & Georg Stingl
Innsbruck & Vienna, October 2011

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